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Specialty Orthopaedics:
Samuel Park, MD
Specialty Orthopaedics

Samuel Park, MD – Orthopedic Surgeon

Specialty Orthopaedics located in Hinsdale & Chicago, IL

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Chicagoland patients with sports injuries or chronic orthopedic issues can get the care they need under one roof at Specialty Orthopaedics. Dr. Park specializes in sports medicine and joint replacement of the shoulder, hip, and knee; including rotator cuff and shoulder instability repair, hip arthroscopy and labral repair for hip impingement; ACL reconstructive surgery; and shoulder, hip and knee replacement for arthritis. Dr. Park utilizes a minimally invasive, direct anterior approach (DAA) for hip replacement. With his extensive background in advanced surgical techniques and treatment of complex injuries, Dr. Park cares for patients at his Hinsdale, Illinois location.

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