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Specialty Orthopaedics:
Samuel Park, MD


Dr. Samuel Park always appreciates feedback from his valued patients.

Dr. Park is an excellent orthopedic surgeon. My 14yo son broke his collar bone and Dr. Park saw immediately the importance of placing a plate on the collar bone. My son had a 28mm height separation with 6mm overlapping of the two halves of the bone in under a week of the break. From what I read, my concerns lie in his long term physical and mental health. I did not want my son to grow up with a drooped and/or shortened shoulder. Something like that can have a bigger impact on him psychologically than physically and Dr. Park agreed. He saw him on the day I called and had him in surgery two days later. I’m glad I found Dr. Park through a mutual friend and had him as an option versus the other doctor I had taken my son to. I good to get a second opinion, or even a third if a doctor is reluctant to address your needs. I highly recommend Dr. Park.

- Nelson Ruiz (Google)
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