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When more conventional treatments of hip arthritis fail, anterior hip replacement is often the only treatment left that can offer relief. Thankfully, advances in medical technology and skilled experts like Dr. Samuel Park at Specialty Orthopaedics have made hip replacement surgery safer and more effective than ever. A proponent of the minimally invasive direct anterior approach, Dr. Park commits himself to safety, efficacy, and fast recovery for his patients. If you’re suffering from hip pain and need to find relief, call the Hinsdale location to schedule your appointment, or book online.

Anterior Hip Replacement Q & A

Who needs anterior hip replacement?

Dr. Park recommends anterior hip replacement as a last resort when other treatments prove ineffective at relieving your arthritis symptoms. As your symptoms worsen, you might have difficulty performing even simple tasks, like climbing stairs or getting a good night’s rest. In this case, a hip replacement might be necessary for relief.

What can I expect during anterior hip replacement?

Dr. Park performs this procedure with a minimally invasive direct anterior approach. That means he’ll replace your hip joint through the front of your pelvis by spreading your muscles apart, without actually cutting any muscles. This leads to less pain, quicker recovery and mobility, and lower dislocational risk.

Most procedures are done under spinal anesthesia, which leads to less blood loss and lower risk of blood clots. Once you’re sedated, Dr. Park makes a small incision on the front of your hip, moving tissue aside to expose your hip joint. He removes the damaged bone and cartilage and replaces your socket with a prosthetic joint, by replacing the ball at the top of the femur that fits into your new socket.

Depending on your health and how the operation goes, Dr. Park may release you home a few hours after surgery or the following day.

How long is anterior hip replacement recovery?

Following your procedure, you’ll need to walk with a walker or crutches for several days to a week.

The most important part of your recovery is physical therapy. Dr. Park assigns a physical therapist to work with you during recovery, creating a physical therapy routine that strengthens your weakened hip and legs.

Most patients will return to full activity by 6-12 weeks after surgery, provided you follow your physical therapy regimen.

Can I return to sports following my surgery?

While you can return to most physical activities following your hip replacement, you’ll want to discuss any physical activity plans with Dr. Park before engaging. Specific high impact activities such as soccer or running might prove too stressful for your new joint.

If you want cutting-edge hip relief from an expert in the field, Dr. Samuel Park at Specialty Orthopaedics in Hinsdale, Illinois, is ready to help. Call the office to schedule your appointment or book online.

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